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Custom Build Process

What’s building a custom home all about?

What kind of builders are there? If I want to build on acreage or an in-fill lot, which type of builder should I hire? If I want to participate in the process, are there builders who allow that? If I don’t have house plans and/or a lot yet, how do I get started? The answers to these questions and more are contained in the following section.

Types of Residential Builders

Production builders vs. custom builders

Basically, there are three types of residential builders. There are Production builders, which account for the majority of new homes in the United States. This is the type of builder most people are familiar with. When a customer buys a Production builder’s house, it is on property the builder owns, and the plans available are limited to only the few offered by the builder. Selections such as tile, brick, and paint colors are also limited to only what the builder offers. Changes, such as pushing out a wall to make a room bigger, are not permitted. With the second type of builder, Production, but allows some customization, you’re again buying one of their homes, on their lots. The difference between the first two lies mainly in the availability of selections, as well as changes permitted. The Production, but allows some customization builder will be more likely to permit changes to the plans, such as pushing out a wall or adding a garage service door. But there will be limitations to the number and type of changes to the builder’s plans which are permitted. Lastly, there is the custom builder. In most instances the customer owns the property, which can be in any setting, such as on acreage, on an "in-fill" lot, or a in new subdivision. House plans are unlimited, as well as selections. Changes to the plans and/or changes during construction, are also permitted.

Although Platinum Development Corp. fits into the category of custom builder, we go beyond what is described above. Not only do we encourage our clients to choose whatever selections are to their satisfaction, as well as encourage them to make changes to their plans to suit their needs, but we also offer the following, which most custom builders do not (as well as the other two categories of builders):

  • We guarantee a move-in date, and back it up by a penalty (on us), if we do not meet that deadline.
  • We have a DIY program, for the customer who wants to participate in the building of their new home. Our approach is, we don’t just build you a home, we build it with you.
  • Our clients deal only with the owner of the company, and are never pushed off to a superintendent or salesperson.
  • Our contracts are “fixed-price” contracts, meaning clients are not hit with unexpected costs. Rather than utilizing “cost-plus” contracts, which can result in total project costs wildly exceeding the original “builder’s guesstimate,” we guarantee the home as specified, at the specified price. We also have very thorough contracts; the many details of the home are specified; from the foundation wall thickness, to the type and thickness of the subfloor, down to the size and species of interior trim, to the number of towel bars.

Does this sound like you?

I want to build:

on acreage
on an in-fill lot
in a new subdivision which allows "BYOB" (bring your own builder)

I want to build something which is different or unique; I am not interested in subdivisions where all the houses look the same.
I want to have control over the process.
I want to have input in the materials which go into my house.
I don't want to be limited in the number of selections available to me; the availability of options in brick, tile, paint colors, etc. is important to me.
I am interested in the building process, and I want to be involved at every stage.

If any of the above applies to you, then building a custom home may just be the right path for you!

Click here for a printable version of "Does this sound like you?" (PDF)

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